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Simple pricing
for businesses of all sizes.
All prices are in USD
Standard plan
Enterprise plan
Contract fee
$0.49 / sent contract
$0.49 / sent contract
Monthly fees
$1499 per month
SMS fee USA (optional)
$0.02 per SMS
$0.02 per SMS
SMS fee International (optional)
$0.09 per SMS
$0.09 per SMS
Unlimited templates
Unlimited users
SMS contracts
Email contracts
Bulk send
Custom branding
API integration
Embedded signing (API)
Zapier integration
Integromat integration
Custom templates
Admin/user management
Signer inputs
Email reminders, notifications
Language selection
Audit trail
ISO 27001 certified infrastructure
100% Spam free
Assistance with integration
Assistance with template setup
Template optimization
1 on 1 online meetings
Bulk discount
Support response time
2-3 business days
< 1 day
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