Simple guide to automate your contracts

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HOWTO: A new record in Airtable will automatically send a new contract

• 5 minutes •


1. Create your custom template in

1. Sign up to

To sign up visit
It's free to sign up and it's free to send test contracts.

2. Create and format your custom template

Click on the "Templates" menu and then start a new contract or open one for editing
Format the content using headers and other simple style elements

3. Remove signature fields (if any)

All the signing fields can be removed. Electronic signatures will be generated at the end of the documents

4. Add "Placeholder"-s (optional)

Add "Placeholders" which will be replaced by your custom data from Airtable
Your text between the curly brackets will be your so called "API key"

5. Add confirmation boxes (optional)

Signers can enter/provide information in "Signer field"-s
You can ask signers to type in text or to check checkboxes and similar basic inputs.

2. Prepare your Airtable

1. Sign up to Airtable

To sign up visit

2. Start a new Airtable

Start a new Airtable or open an existing one with signer data

3. Add columns

Add columns for Contact details (email for email contracts, or mobile number of SMS contracts)
Add columns to pre-populate the Placeholder fields (if any)

4. Add test data

It's necessary to create a test record. It will help to set up the second step in Zapier (Action)

3. Set up the Zapier connection

1. Sign up to Zapier

To sign up visit

2. Start a new Zap (automated workflow)

Click on "Make a Zap" at the left hand side

3. Set up the "Airtable" trigger

Select the "Airtable" app for the Trigger
Choose "New record" for the Trigger Event
Click on "Continue" and then "Sign in to Airtable"
Navigate to your Airtable "Account" page and generate the API key

4. Cpnnect to your Airtable account

Select the "Airtable" app for the Trigger

5. Test the Trigger

Choose the newly created table and Select "Record A" for the correct data

6. Select the "" Action (2nd step)

The second step of the Zap will be sending the contract using
Choose the "Create contract" Action Event

7. Connect to your account

Click "Sign in to" then copy the API key from your's API page

8. Set up the action

Choose your new (or edited) template

9. Assign the signer fields

Assign the name and contact details from the previous Zapier step (from your Airtable data)

10. Assign the Placeholder fields

Type in your Placeholder "API key"-s (eg: rate), then assign the values from your Airtable

11. Assign the Metadata field

Important: Assign the "Record ID" from Airtable to the "Metadata" field, so later on will find which record to update

Automatically upload the signed docs to Airtable

(This setup requires a contract to be sent from Airtable as of the first guide then signed)



The API page shows all the request and response details


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